WWW? & EBI? – 2 quick and easy questions to ask everyone you meet…

Robert Craven and Adam Harris were the presenters at Darners, my mastermind group for accountants.

They were there to share insights and promote action on goal setting for 2017, and they did a fantastic job. Robert is currently working with Google and Adam is the youngest chair of a Vistage group in the world.

Here’s Simon with Robert and Adam

During the session Adam asked a number of insightful questions. Later, when the session was opened up, one member of the group asked him where he got them from.   Adam shared that his question bank had been built up over the years and he just asked what he thought was the most appropriate one in the moment.

Another member of the group then asked about requesting referrals from clients and shared how incredibly difficult they found it to do. They went on to explain that because they weren’t asking for them, they were getting less than they should have been and were having to invest more money in other lead generation techniques.

This is when Adam shared my takeaway from the presentation!


Two very simple, but in my mind profound, questions to ask at the end of every meeting.

Here’s how it works. At the end of any meeting (sales meeting, accounts meeting, team meeting) you ask, “So, what’s working well?” The client or team member will then share with you what’s great about the relationship you have with them. Listen very carefully to the answer and then make sure you do more of what they said!

If it is a client meeting it can even become their testimonial for you!

Once they have finished answering that question, move on to, “So, our relationship would be even better if…?” Then keep quiet again and listen intently. Because you have asked for feedback so gently, everyone shares.

And what they share is very often gold dust. Write it down and do something about it!

I have used it at the end of every single meeting (customers and team members) since the November Darners meeting, and it works a treat.


Simon Says

So here is this week’s challenge to you…

Just pick one meeting in the next week (customer or team member – whichever you are most comfortable with) and commit to asking WWW and EBI at the end of it.

I know it will add value to your relationship with that person.

And, as always, I’d love to hear how you get on.

Before I go, Robert and Adam have written a brilliant book called “The Check-In Journal”. It has not been published yet (I’ve had a sneak peek) but you can get your copy first and at a discounted rate when you visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/check-in-journal

I know it will give you a great start to the New Year.

Let’s Get Started…

Pull Your Socks Up…



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