We did it, we did it, we did it!

A couple of weeks ago I shared in a blog (see LINK for the full blog) how stupid I felt for only focusing on past results (Key Performance Indicators) in board meetings instead of looking at what next month’s results would look like.

You may recall that in February this year we set ourselves a goal of hitting all our KPIs in one month. That’s something we had not done in 11 years of having the scorecard!

It revolutionised my thinking! It made me focus on hitting the numbers coming up instead of discussing what went wrong with past numbers and coming up with things to do to change those!

As you have probably guessed from the title, we hit all the numbers in April, and it looks like we are going to for May as well. We are already focusing on June!

There has been a real buzz in the office and as a celebration we are off to the Crystal Maze!

Something ever so simple but profound.

So here is my challenge to you…


Simon Says

We are now in the middle of May. Halfway through the second quarter of the year.

Is there something you want to achieve that, if you focused on it between now and the end of June, you could get done?

If so, take some time now to focus on the future.

Have a guess at how long it will take to complete, then open your diary and mark out some time to make sure it gets done.

Make that promise to yourself.

That’s what I have done today.

I am delighted to announce my first Darner group (the mastermind groups I run) now has its full complement of members and might even have a waiting list! Don’t worry if you have missed out – there will be a second group launching in September.

In the meantime, tickets for my next Odd Sock Session MAX (almost certainly the last one in this format), which has received rave reviews, are available at www.socksupsimon.com/theoddsocksession. It all takes place at the GreenStones office on the 20 July. I can’t wait to see you there.

Let’s Get Started…

Pull Your Socks Up…


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