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Reception Cardboard Cut Out

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

How do you make a great first impression in your practice?Smiley face behind a reception desk?If you read the research it appears most practices have the desk without the smiley face! Here’s what we’ve done at GreenStones… We have a cardboard cut-out of Jordan, our newest team member. You can see a picture of it […]

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Here’s one of the places we share our survey results

The top 4 things to do with your customer survey results

I start this blog assuming that you are surveying your customers after at least every bit of substantive work. Every practice I work with is encouraged to start surveying their customers in order to get feedback and discover how they can improve the service they offer in ways their customers want. Once a practice has […]

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Here’s Simon checking the time!

“Spend” a little time…

I love reading about social experiments, especially when the results aren’t what you’d expect. Or have a really simple outcome that you can use straight away…. Here’s one I discovered recently… Aaker and Mogilner conducted an experiment. They set up a lemonade stand (they used children to make it look authentic) and used three different […]

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