Success Stories

Andrew Price of Andrew Price & Co

Paul-Dunn“I’ve spoken at and attended literally thousands of Conferences. No one has inspired me like Simon. Get this — he’s an Accountant! BUT …….he’s clearly a great leader, he runs a truly awesome business, he inspires his clients to do great things and no one I’ve ever seen reaches out and grabs an audience the way Simon does. Ideas flow from him at an amazing rate — and they’re not just ideas but literally things that Simon does in his business. That’s the really cool part. Get to know Simon either through his book (it’s great too), his speeches or indeed by becoming a client. Whichever one (or ones!) you choose, it’ll be one of the smartest business decisions you’ve ever made.”

Paul Dunn, Chairman, Buy1GIVE1

Stuart Ramsay, Owner, Accountancy Extra“I’ve known Simon for a little over 18 months. During that time, Simon has been a source of inspiration on how an innovative firm should be run. Recently I listened to Simon speak on his business development ideas, in particular his passion, BRAVEST Business. As always, I found him truly inspiring and challenging to the “norms” of the profession.”

Stuart Ramsay, Owner, Accountancy Extra

speech-red“I had the pleasure and privilege of hearing Simon talk at a recent AVN seminar. Rarely have I come across someone so inspirational and so innovative. I came away with a vast array of ideas which I hope to be able to implement for the benefit of my own company. It is little wonder that Simon’s own company is so successful with this type of leader in charge ! Thank you”

John Grant, Chief Executive, Cohen Cramer Solicitors

Paul Carvell“I had the great pleasure of meeting Simon when co-presenting an event in Leads. It soon became apparent to me that Simon was an exceptionally gifted individual who thought out of the box in a way that really helped others. I would recommend Simon to anyone.”

Paul Carvell, Senior Partner & Chartered Accountant, Stewart, Fletcher and Barrett

Rob Walsh“Simon is at the forefront of thinking in business. His revolutionary operational process for his team is an example of why he gained Investors in People gold award. Simon really cares and goes to the nth degree to deliver fantastic customer service. Any business which needs help must have a meeting with Simon.”

Rob Walsh, Owner and Managing Director, Clear Vision Accountancy Group Limited

Tony Kensington“I spent an interesting and stimulating two days at a summit where Simon was one of five guest speakers. I learnt how he provides excellent service to his customers, involves his team and how to transform our own business. His ideas force you to challenge your more conventional thinking and practices – truly inspirational and I would recommend using him to anyone that wants to truly change their business.”

Tony Kensington


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grey-speech“I had the pleasure of spending two days listening and learning from Simon’s journey with his first business (GreenStones) – he is without doubt one of the leading accountants in the country and his advisory skills must be held in the highest regard. His ability to take complex management theories and turn them into reality within both his own business and for his customers are a true inspiration.”

Glyn Davison

speech-grey-light“I had the pleasure of spending two days with Simon at a conference in February 2012 and have to admit I was blown away by Simon’s approach, particularly his thinking in relation to his team. I believe Simon is one of the profession’s most forward thinking accountants and one who has the courage of his convictions.”

Ian Rodgers, Owner, Mcgregors Business Services

speech-red“Simon is a great source of information and you always want to ask his advice.”

Mark Acred, Owner, Mark Acred Business Support

grey-speech“Simon breaks the mold as far as accountant stereotypes…that’s a good thing. He has a good sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. We filmed Simon’s seminar at the Business Focus Exhibition in October and if you didn’t see it you should ask him for a DVD…it’s informative, interesting and dare I say it, yes, it contains humor.”

David Bird, DB Sound and Vision- Corporate Video Production.

speech-grey-light“Simon is an enthusiastic and accomplished professional that motivates his team and those of clients, like a breath of fresh air. He has given great volunteer time and support to our Young Enterprise student companies for which the (volunteer) Huntingdonshire Area Young Enterprise Board is very grateful, as these are good works towards education and our business entrepreneurs of the future. Simon is a great chap and the sort of person that we would all like to work with, not least to help us be more efficient, be more successful and to do so in a way that is fun too, from the moment you speak or walk into the office in Peterborough. A great colleague and motivator.”

Will Baker, director, WillBeCo – The WillBe Company Ltd

speech-red“In my opinion Simon’s knowledge of his business is second to none. Once you couple this with the high degree of professionalism, positive attitude, pro-active approach, attention to detail and customer focus you struggle to find a reason not to do business with him.”

Carl Barker, Mobile Marketing Solutions Manager, 2ergo


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speech-grey-light“Simon has a unique talent for finding creative ways to help businesses improve and implement ideas. If you get a chance to hear Simon’s motivational speaking, seize it with both hands!”

David Chadwick

grey-speech“Simon manages to be an accountant and a creative thinker in a way that is entirely positive. His approach can be unconventional, though it is effective and often humorous. I once knew a company that failed to pay a bill on time – the letter they received was clear, to the point and yet still laugh-out-loud funny. They paid the bill.

Whilst he clearly understands money, he also understands and cares for people. Having been to his offices I can well understand why he has won an employer award. The place buzzes, and in some ways is more reminiscent of a creative industry than an accountancy firm. Think large comfy and brightly coloured sofas, and lunchtime yoga sessions.

Simon is joy to work with, whenever I meet him I leave feeling energised and enthusiastic.”

Noel Gray, Owner, kNOELedge Ltd

speech-red“Simon is truly inspirational. Over the years, I’ve seen Simon completely transform his business, the service he provides to his clients and the environment and culture he has in place for his team.

Spending just a few hours with Simon the other day has left me buzzing with ideas, enthusiasm and a list of actions! Anyone looking to grow their business should definitely seek out Simon.”

Shane Lukas, MD, Added Value Solutions Ltd

grey-speech“Simon Chaplin is an excellent speaker on the subject and makes critical business issues come to life. With financial numbers being at the heart of any business Simon is well equipped to help businesses navigate their issues.”

Andrew Goode, Managing Director, Blue Dolphin Business Development

speech-grey-light“I have known and worked with Simon for over 10 years and seen him develop into the fast paced high achieving person he is.”

Andrew Halfhide

speech-red“Everyone who starts off in business needs sound practical advice that’s objective, yet personable. That’s what I got when I meet Simon. Simon and the team are part of my business providing professional and proactive advice “an unseen Board of Directors” who have guided and enabled me to build my business. If looking for a team to help you build your business and proactively take an interest in how you’re doing then look no further than Simon”

Darren King


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grey-speech“Simon really knows his stuff, and it’s not just accounts; his knowledge, innovation and creative approach to business as a whole is fresh, exciting (accountants – exciting?), and interesting. Simon’s company GreenStones have been guiding, challenging and evolving Eatsleepthink since 2002. Simon also mentors our development as a company which has seen our net profit grow by over 50% in the last nine months alone. Simon’s advice provides us with the confidence, clarity and grounding that every business needs in order to blossom. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Mike Marshall, Eatsleepthink Design Limited

speech-grey-light“Couldn’t recommend this guy enough, how often do you laugh when you visit your accountant. Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and implementation, (he has to be with us ).”

Kevin Crighton

grey-speech“Simon is that rare breed: an accountant who doesn’t just say he is proactive… but actually is. And as a result he really does help his clients improve their businesses, their profits, their work life balance, their tax bills and their bank accounts. I spend my life helping accountants to get better at what they do – and I have often asked Simon to come on stage to tell other accountants what he does, and how he does it, so that they can get inspired and follow in his footsteps. That’s how highly I rate him.”

Steve Pipe, Founder and Head of Research, AVN

speech-red“Any business owner who wants to work with a supportive challenging and inspiring accountant should give Simon and his team a call.

I’ve seen Simon’s business grow over the last 5 years because of his commitment to his team, his customers and to very high standards. And having worked with literaly hundreds of accountants throughout the UK I can ‘hand-on-heart’ recommend GreenStones”

Paul Shrimpling, Managing Director, Remarkable Practice Ltd