One of the best client retention tools for your practice…

A couple of years ago I went to America to attend a four day course with Glazer Kennedy. Dan Kennedy (Glazer Kennedy’s founder) is one of the world’s authorities on marketing (which is why I made the trip).

Over the four days there were loads of great things shared, but a couple of really simple things stuck in my mind over all the others.

One of those was Dan’s advice on client retention tools.

Here’s what Aspirations Business Bitesize looks like

Here’s what Aspirations Business Bitesize looks like

Dan insists that one of the top two client retention tools is a hard copy newsletter.

(I’ll share the other one in a later blog.)

So, why is a hard copy newsletter such a great tool?


It adds value to the client relationship without you being there.   It leverages your time.

It gets passed on to other like-minded business owners.

Most accountants can’t be bothered with hard copy newsletters. But if you can be bothered, you and your firm stand out from your competitors.

Most importantly, a hard copy newsletter nearly always gets “real estate” on your client’s desk. If they don’t read it instantly, they put it to one side to read later and it becomes a constant reminder to them of how you add value to the relationship.

Very soon after my return to the UK, GreenStones (my accountancy practice) started producing a hard copy newsletter. The first version was four pages, then we went to eight, and the latest copy will be twelve pages long.

It doesn’t take a massive amount of investment of my time.   Team members do most of it.

And it gets a fantastic response from our customers.

But I appreciate you might not be as lucky as me with your resources.

That’s why I recommend you check out Paul Shrimpling’s Business Bitesize. If you have never seen it, you’ll find all the details here:

And I guarantee when you use it, you’ll get a fantastic response from your customers.

Here’s a response Tony Kensington got from a client when he sent out his Bitesize newsletter on Guarantees:

“Superb article. With your business head on, what would you suggest I could guarantee? I have a few thoughts and this has crossed my mind before, but it would be good to have a trusted third party’s opinion.”


Simon Says

So what’s stopping you?

A hard copy newsletter is one of the top two client retention tools you can use.

Could you pull together material you are already producing and simply produce a newsletter?

If not, speak to Paul and his team at Remarkable Practice and see if Business Bitesize fits the bill for your practice.

Let’s Get Started…

Pull Your Socks Up…


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  1. Chris December 3, 2015 at 10:13 pm #

    Simon, this is a great article. I love getting printed newsletters in the post: I sit down with a cup of tea and a red pen / yellow highlighter and mark up the best bits that I can take action on.
    I really enjoy reading Business Bitesize as it’s well written and alerts me to best business practices some of which I’m ignorant of.

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