The key to Sally’s heart!

I have just had a look back at the last time I wrote a blog. I thought it was just before the start of the summer, but it turns out it was six months ago!

I have enjoyed those six months! I had most of July and August off, I’ve been to Rome for my wedding simon-holding-the-door-lockanniversary (without Ben and Aimie!), walked across the country for Macmillan Cancer Support and presented three keynotes at conferences for over 600 accountants.

There has been a little trouble at home, though! About seven years ago we moved into our current residence. It’s a brilliant house, but there has been one small niggling thing that, up until a week ago, I’d been ignoring.

Despite Sally’s best efforts to get me to resolve it!

The lock on the front door. It was over twenty years old. It worked first time occasionally, but most of the time you needed a little patience to jiggle the key around to get the lock to open.

I took great delight in “defeating” the lock and gaining entry. Sally didn’t! So after a sleepless night and being reminded about it again, I decided to change the lock.

Within about five minutes of being on Amazon I’d located the lock I thought I needed and arranged for it to be delivered the following day. When it arrived I carefully removed the old lock and slotted in the new one, making sure not to damage the door.

It worked first time!

A new, perfect lock, a happier Sally, and I get a buzz because every time I use it I know I solved that small problem. It took fifteen minutes (including finding the lock) and a little bit of courage to change it to make my life a whole lot easier!

So here are my questions to you…


Simon Says

What small niggly problem have you got in your life, at home or at work, that with a little bit of effort you could resolve and make your life easier? If something comes to mind, take action now to get it resolved.

If nothing comes to mind, try this…

When you arrive at your office tomorrow morning be extremely conscious of what you experience.

What does it look like? Is it tired, drab, the lock not working? Is there something there that could be changed?

What does it smell like? Is it fresh? Clean? Welcoming to you and your clients?

What does it sound like? Is there a fan or air conditioning unit making noise in the background that you now filter out?

What does it feel like? Is it warm enough? Or are you just ignoring the fact that the boiler is not as good as it once was?

If you can’t spot anything I bet your team or your customers can.

Go ask them! Then go do it!


Let’s Get Started…

Pull Your Socks Up…


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