Here’s an easy way to generate more referrals

It is that time of year again when some of us start looking forward to 2017 and what amazing things we can do to improve ourselves and our businesses.

Here’s our wine on the boardroom table

I like to get my 2017 planning done before we close down for Christmas.   That way I can be really present and have a proper break with Sally, Ben and Aimie.

As usual, I started off planning to do all sorts of great things next year – events, webinars, increased one-to-one coaching, exercise more, etc., etc.

And I had to remind myself it is often the little things done consistently that have the biggest impact.

Take asking for referrals, for example. Time and time again accountants say it is their best source of new business, yet we still go off looking at apps, SEO and telesales.

There is a fear of asking for them, therefore we don’t ask and we get fewer, making it more difficult to grow our practices.

So here is a little idea for you.

If you thank your customers when they recommend you, put that acknowledgement somewhere everyone can see it.

At GreenStones (my accountancy practice) we have a case of wine on the boardroom table. It is the same case we send to customers when they recommend us.

It just sits there unless a customer mentions it. They’ll very often comment the first time they see it, asking, “Is that for me?”

This leads nicely into…

“No, but I can tell you how to get one…”

They are always intrigued, so you go on to explain about the referral system and how they can benefit if they introduce someone to you.

It’s a really easy, cheap and soft way to ask for referrals and increase the likelihood of getting them!


Simon Says

If you do just one thing as a result of reading this blog, it should be to buy a case of wine and put it on your meeting room table!

I’ll even give you the link to the one we use. Here it is:

I’d love to hear what results you get.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Let’s Get Started…


Pull Your Socks Up…

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