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A great app for recording business miles…

This week I want to share a great little app I’ve discovered that will help you and your clients. We all know the pain of asking clients for mileage records at the year end so we can make sure the accounts accurately reflect the business miles they have completed in their personal car. Often they […]

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Here’s Simon Holding His Will

Here’s one of my favourite completed goals of 2016

For the last few years (since we had Ben, actually, and he is now four) on New Year’s Eve Sally and I have sat down and shared all the things we have achieved that year, the highlights and sometimes the challenges. Here’s a blog from December 2013 on how we do it This year […]

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WWW? & EBI? – 2 quick and easy questions to ask everyone you meet…

Robert Craven and Adam Harris were the presenters at Darners, my mastermind group for accountants. They were there to share insights and promote action on goal setting for 2017, and they did a fantastic job. Robert is currently working with Google and Adam is the youngest chair of a Vistage group in the world. During […]

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