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How to make stress your friend

How do you feel about stress?

I watched this TED talk on stress over the weekend. I found it an interesting take on our reaction and thought process around stress so thought I’d share.. (more…)

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Simon Chaplin with Earl Lynch

Another great session with Earl Lynch

Another great session with Earl Lynch yesterday. This time it was with my Accountant Mastermind Group 2. Earl shared loads of nuggets around cross selling and up-serving but the one that really struck a cord with the group was his analogy around a Penny Farthing. You’ll need to see Earl speak to find out more. […]

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Testimonial from customer

Reflecting on my week…

Just sat reflecting on my week as Pete Wilkinson (my coach) encourages me to do and it has been a pretty good one! Stated off with a very progressive IFA firm who are looking to work with accountants. They had a very refreshing approach to how the relationship should work. Then on to AVN 20th […]

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A great app for recording business miles…

This week I want to share a great little app I’ve discovered that will help you and your clients. We all know the pain of asking clients for mileage records at the year end so we can make sure the accounts accurately reflect the business miles they have completed in their personal car. Often they […]

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