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Simon's coaching services are designed to support you in different ways, depending on your stage of growth.

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Odd Sock Session

This is your chance to visit my award winning accountancy practice called GreenStones to find out all the secrets about how we do it.

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  • You want to grow your accountancy business
  • You want expert advice, exclusively for accountancy firms
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Darner Mentoring Group

A mentoring group specifically designed to help accountants and business owners take their business forward.

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  • You're ready to invest at least 3 hours a week in your growth strategy
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One-2-One Coaching

If you can tear yourself away from your work for just one day, then I’ll show you the 7 steps to turn your business around.

What’s more…I guarantee it!

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  • You want more from your business and your life
  • You're unable to commit to Simon's Darner Mentoring Group
  • You want advice for your specific business and personal circumstances

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Get to Know Simon

Simon writes about his experiences, techniques and more in his blog. Read his latest articles below and visit the library here.

How to make stress your friend

How do you feel about stress?

I watched this TED talk on stress over the weekend. I found it an interesting take on our reaction and thought process around stress so thought I’d share.. (more…)

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Simon Chaplin with Earl Lynch

Another great session with Earl Lynch

Another great session with Earl Lynch yesterday. This time it was with my Accountant Mastermind Group 2. Earl shared loads of nuggets around cross selling and up-serving but the one that really struck a cord with the group was his analogy around a Penny Farthing. You'll need to see Earl speak to find out more. […]

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Earl Lynch DVD

Make Money, Save Money, Look Good and Feel Good

One of the benefits of being a member of Darners (My mastermind groups for accountants) is that you get a copy of the speaker’s presentation on audio (so you can listen to it in the car) and DVD (so you can share it with your team). Many members listen to the material again and again […]

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